Wendy who completed the team... early 2008 todate...

Wendy Walker was a surprise gift to our team, brought in by Su Chin! She, another wonderful born-rower like Su Chin joined our workplace in late 2007 was eager to try rowing in Pasig River with us. She had rowed in UK during her college days so she had a great style and long reach for long strokes.

We started rowing in heavy fours though, but most occasions had Su Chin on work trips away from Manila, so I rowed with her in a sleek double scull. It was superbly enjoyable to feel the movement of the light boat, despite the occasional river ferry that disturbed the still water in to one meter waves, and frequent water lilies that we had to dodge.

So...Wendy completed our team...with another rower we made the light fours as well! It was a wonderful feeling truly...and our next plan is to have a row to Laguna or nearer, but a lengthy row...early morning...to end up in a garden party to enjoy the cosiness of MBC!!!