Learn How to Row

Rowing Lessons are suspended during the  Covid-19 Pandemic

In line with the MBC objective of promoting rowing in the Philippines, we will accomodate beginner rowers as guests. There are many boats, from single sculls to fours available for rowing in MBC, in heavy (for beginners) and lightweight (for more senior rowers) categories.

Please drop a line to the Boat Captain if you want to start learning at info [at] manilaboatclub [dot] com anytime. Include your email address and all details will be sent to you.

MBC is located in Manila City, just close to Makati Circuit City. Its address is 2442, Havana Street, Sta. Ana, Manila. MBC's location is available in a map which can be found at http://www.manilaboatclub.com/contact-us

We prefer rowing in the mornings and there is usually an Officer to be found at the Club from 6am on Tuesdays and Fridays and from 7am on Sundays. We can easily accomodate other times to suit you.

There is a very nominal fee by the Club, guest fee and cox and outing fee, so please join us and enjoy...!!! See also our photo gallery ...http://www.manilaboatclub.com/gallery