Farewell Ted Deed - Boat Captain 1977/78

SVO Ted Deeds

I first met Ted in 1970 at the Singapore Yacht Club-rowing section.  At that time Ted hadn't been elevated to Senior Veteran Oarsman but was a key figure in the total of about six oarsmen.  My fondest memory of Ted and Jane was on one Sunday morning we took a four for a fairly long row along the Singapore shorefront. Normally most rowing was done by going into the open water.  
We finally got to Ted's house which was on the waterfront and there was Jane bearing four cold beers. Maybe we had more than four. When I returned to the MBC years later I was lucky to have the pleasure of rowing with the SVO. 

Ted will be missed.

Jim Collins


To: Jane and Family

Please allow Alice and myself to express our condolences on the passing of Ted !

He was a GREAT friend and rowing companion and Hasher !

I sincerely hope Jane that you will understand the HIGH regard Ted and you were held here in Manila.


Ken and Alice
Grumley and my sister Kay


 Mike. Your dad was a classic.

 I was the one who got him involved with the Manila Hash House Harriers. Here's a good anecdote for you:

During one run in 1988 or thereabouts, as we passed by an old crone, she noticed Ted and chirped out, 'But you're too old for this, Lolo!' He was thereafter known as Lolo Ted on the Hash.

But of course for MBC members he was always 'The SVO'!

Eric McGaw