FEARA 2012 Regatta Report

Colin Smith, Boat Captain, led a 4 man team to participate in the ARAE-FEARA 2012 Regatta, hosted by Calcutta Rowing Club on Dhakuria Lake. The team entered into the ARAE Men's doubles, the FEARA Men's Doubles and the FEARA Men's Coxed Fours. They borrowed the excellent local cox Srinjoy Sen for the four. The first day brought much hope and anticipation as both FEARA M2x teams won their rounds. On the 2nd day, it was only Nic Jasmin and Colin who went through to the finals which they consequently won in a hard fought race against the Bengal Rowing Club. A splendid time was had by all thanks to the impeccable hospitality of the Calcutta Rowing Club, ably supported by Lake Club and the Bengal Rowing Club. As usual, MBC left a strong impression on the other compatitors, this time though. it was not the wearing of the Filipino sarongs by team members, but the presence of MBC wives, Meliza Smith and Angel Stratton, who drew admiring glances from all around, espeially when they attended the Gala Dinner dressed in Indian Saris. All competitors were then determined to attend the next Regatta to be held in Manila!